Test Automation Basics

Before moving to Selenium Concepts, we have to know the below Test Automation basics:

An automation tool can perform testing without the presence of a tester. 

  1. First: Tester Develops Automation Scripts in any Programming language supported by the Automation tool. For example, Tester develops Automation Scripts using Selenium Tool with the help of Java Programming language.
  2. Second: Tester Executes the developed Automation scripts
  3. Third: Tester views the Test Results generated by executing the Automation scripts.

Advantages of Automation Testing

  1. Relief for Testers: As the amount of time spent on Regression testing is reduced, testers feel relived from burden.
  2. Cost benefits for Business Clients: As the amount of time spent on Regression testing is reduced, Business clients dont have to pay for the time saved.
  3. Increased Test Coverage: As the amount of time spent on Regression testing is reduced, Testers get time to test more scenarios.
  4.  Improves Test Accuracy: A tester while performing manual testing may forget to test a scenario or wrongly test a scenarios. But a test automation tool wont forget any test and executes the test based on the instructions provided, there by increasing the Test Accuracy.

Applications suitable for Test Automation

  1. If most of the functionality in an Application is stable without needing any changes, then the Application is suitable for Test Automation. In an Application who’s features are getting frequently changes, then the Application wont be suitable for Test Automation.
  2. Long term Application are suitable for Test Automation, where as Short Term Application i.e. Applications which are getting completed in 6 months etc may not be suitable for Test Automation.

The goal of an Automation Testing is not to eliminate Manual Testing all together

The goal of an Automation Testing is to reduce the number of test scenarios to be executed manually. i.e. All the test scenarios may not be automated. Testers have to wisely choose the test scenarios for automation in order to reduce the burden and time.

Most popular Test Automation Tools

Selenium and QTP/UFT are the most popular test automation tools in the market.